TRADITIONAL ROPE-MAKING and arts & crafts for children and parents

For events for children, birthday parties, parties for children, traditional handicraft events, 
family occasions, school-, nursery-, and business occasions as well.

During the rope-laving programme, the children can make their own desired playing or ornamental rope, whereas they get acquainted with an ancient form of traditional rope making. They can also develop their manual, concentration and esthetical skills by a playful kind of work. Every occasion is accompanied by great interest of the children and the parents. The experience of rope-making conjures joy on the cheeks of the children and it also provides useful and active pursuit. As a reward of their cleverness they may pride with or surprise themselves or their beloved ones with nice, permanent rope ornaments. For instance, they can make the following items: belts, bracelets, necklace, jumping rope, picket rope, décor. Handicapped youngsters can take a try as well! For foreign children it is available in German or English language.

Further services: beading, face painting, making of sticker pictures*, archery, paper-based creative handicraft, children’s cinema.

Contact: Károly Fény 
Tel.: +36/20/9395632

Fees: 1 hour: 60 Euro. 2 hour: 100 Euro. Every further hour costs + 30 Euro. The fees contains the performance and the material costs, but the travel costs may vary according to distance from destination. Ask for free bid  <<<here>>>
20% discount from Monday to Thursday.

According to need, occasion, number of children, time and distance special agreement is possible. In case of regular occasions and appearances, special agreement is also possible.

The recommended number of children for archery, face painting and rope-making with one performer is 8-10 / hour. Of course, in case of more attendants the programme can be also held.

Further pictures: rope-making, sticker pictures

*(making of sticker pictures with cutting, sticking, from colour sticker papers and foils)

VAT number: HU76388233
Location: Győr/Magyarország